About Us

J-ad can be traced back to the years of the Great Depression, when J-ad’s signature  publication, The Reminder, first hit the streets of Hastings in 1932. Fred Green and his son Winn published the first copies of The Reminder, which was Hastings’ first free shopper bulletin. From the old Hendershott building on State Street in Hastings, the Green family incubated what would become one of the most successful free papers in the nation.

The business soon outgrew their office, and began printing on a letter press in Freeport, Michigan. Soon, feature articles and news stories showcasing happenings in the community became commonplace among advertisements in the paper.

In 1945, the Greens sold their business to Mel and Alice Jacobs. In 1949, Mel and Alice built a garage beside their home on Jefferson Street, and began publishing, printing, and distributing The Reminder as a full-time family business. They literally brought The Reminder home.

Business boomed, and so did the Jacobs family. The Jacobs siblings shared in the responsibilities of the family business, as well as a love for community and the newspaper, and have inherited its legacy and leadership to this day.

Printing The Reminder soon outgrew the Jacobs’ small Hastings home, and printing operations were moved to a farm north of town. Paper deliveries had to be pulled up the muddy, unpaved hill of Broadway to mail carriers. The Jacobs moved shop from their home to a dedicated office in 1969. That same year, J-ad Graphics Corporation was founded, purchasing the Community Ad-Visor from the Marshall Publishing Company.

J-ad purchased many local papers in the following decade, and the company’s production needs soon outgrew the farm. In 1977, the company’s present-day office and plant were erected on the property north of Hastings. The new facility was equipped with computerized equipment needed to meet expanding demands of the papers. The company added further additions to the facility in order to accommodate ever-increasing business.

Over the years, the services and staff of J-ad has expanded. J-ad is now home to over 40 different types of publications. J-ad proudly publishes eight weekly papers, including two subscription community newspapers, and Kids’ World News. These publications cover the majority of Barry and Calhoun counties. J-ad prints over 140,000 individual papers every week, with readership throughout West Michigan. J-ad continues to expand its services to provide outstanding customer fulfillment in the digital age, providing custom printing, publishing, and graphic design services for print and digital media.

As Digital Marketing became more relevant in the market place, J-ad identified the need and expanded its operations again to serve their customers with a new product line called Hybrid Marketing. This new platform combines print and digital marketing together to provide the results needed to grow and compete in today’s market.

J-ad has always sought to keep business under one roof. Everything is done in-house. The facility offers world-class, custom services to tackle almost any project. Friendly, knowledgeable staff utilize state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to satisfy customers needs.