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Tattoo parlor opens on Main St.

Lowell finally has its own tattoo parlor, Where the Rivers Meet Tattoo at 100 E. Main. The shop opened about three weeks ago and will specialize in classic-style tattoo artwork.
“There was no tattoo shop here, and I just felt that Lowell needed a tattoo shop. It's about time,” said tattoo artist Joseph “Von Zipper” Peterman, who owns the shop with his wife Yvette Peterman.
The name “Joseph Von Zipper” is an alias he uses for the tattoo business, it's taken from the hapless biker character “Eric Von Zipper” in a series of 1960s beach party films.
“There are lots of people in this town that are tattooed on and I just felt that it would be a nice addition to Lowell,” Von Zipper said. “I love this town, it's just really super nice here. We drove by this place for about four years, and I kept saying this place would make a nice tattoo shop. It was a big joke, but all of a sudden it turned into a reality and here I am. So far, it's been very positive.”
Some more conservative local residents might be slightly terrified by VonZipper's appearance, particularly his long, wild beard and facial tattoos, but he is friendly, genial and hardly frightening. A native of Seattle, he moved to Michigan about four years ago. He started tattooing professionally about 25 years ago and has worked in Washingon, Tennessee and California. He will work with customers to get the perfect artwork for their body, but he prefers doing vintage “Sailor Jerry” style graphics.
“I wanted to get back to the basics of traditional tattooing,” Von Zipper said. “A lot of shops don't offer that anymore, the kind of work that I like to do. A lot of shops have found Pinterest.”
He said it's surprising that tattoo shops slow down in the winter, because the winter is the best time of year to get a tattoo.
“There is no sun, you can keep it out of the elements easier, you're not going swimming or anything like that,” Von Zipper said. “Never go swimming after getting a tattoo.
Where the Rivers Meet Tattoo is at 100 E. Main. During winter, the shop is open every Tuesday through Saturday from noon until 6 pm. For more information or to make an appointment, call or text 206-300-1261.
“I prefer walk-ins as opposed to appointments, but appointments are okay,” Von Zipper said. “For bigger stuff, it's better to have an appointment.”

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