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Construction is underway on Lowell's new Burger King.

Construction is underway on Lowell's new Burger King.

Lowell used to have a Burger King restaurant, but it closed almost six years ago. Now a franchisee is building another one, this time directly in front of Curtis Cleaners at 1410 W. Main.

“I am the franchisee of the new Lowell Burger King,” said co-owner Brad Mailloux. “My partner John Gross and myself own Crown Ventures Inc. We are a Michigan-based company that owns 10 current Burger King restaurants, five in Michigan and five in Illinois and Iowa. Lowell will be our 11th. The restaurant in Lowell is scheduled to open late July 2019. We will hire around 40-50 new employees for this location.”

According to an article in the Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013 edition of the Lowell Ledger, after more than 20 years in business the old Lowell Burger King closed its doors permanently on Oct. 28, 2012. The location of that Burger King is the home of a Dollar Tree store today.

"The restaurant ran out of core food frequently [and] had long wait times and rude employees," the 2013 article read. "A former employee sadly joked, 'No matter how many people were working, we were always slow.' Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before fewer and fewer people frequented Burger King. The Lowell Burger King’s reputation of inadequacies could not be overcome, despite the wide appeal of the brand and [its] popular food.”

“Yes, there used to be another Burger King in Lowell, but that was a while ago,” Mailloux said. “I am not sure why the restaurant closed. A lot has happened in Lowell and in Burger King in those years. The economy is a lot better, the population has grown and we have a better site and a better-looking restaurant coming to Lowell.”

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